NGL/Condensate Stabilizer Systems

  • Standard designs available for both non-refluxed and refluxed operations
  • Capable of stabilizing condensates over a wide range of compositions
  • NGL stabilizer designed to control True Vapor Pressure (TVP) for bullet tank storage (i.e. 250 psig design pressure)
  • Condensate stabilizer designed to control Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) for atmospheric vessel storage
  • Efficient heat integrated design with low emissions hot oil system
  • Standard and custom packaged systems available
  • Modular design for simple installation and mobility purposes

The natural gas liquids (NGLs) or field condensate produced in natural gas fields must be stabilized for storage and transportation in pressurized and/or atmospheric vessels. Joule offers condensate stabilization systems that create an easily storable liquid product while recovering more lights ends for fuel or sales gas. Each system is designed and constructed to meet the desired product or sales component specifications including stabilized NGLs and natural gasolines.

Joule Standard Condensate Stabilizer & NGL Recovery (2-Tower) System
Joule introduces the market’s most robust and flexible Condensate Stabilizer & NGL Recovery (2-Tower) System. As the domestic market seeks to optimize the product stream based on ever-changing economic variables such as commodity pricing, transportation costs and quality specs, Joule has responded. Whether you’re seeking to meet a color spec in the Y-Grade, optimize the product volume (condensate, crude, NGLs), or looking for blending opportunities based on pricing uplift, our design allows operations to adjust the product mix based on fluctuating market and operating conditions.

Optimized Product Streams

  • NGL – Distillation of NGLs ensures Y-Grade Saybolt color specifications are met in the NGL product stream
  • Condensate – Removes light ends to produce a truckable RVP or lower API Gravity to allow for condensate blending into crude for pricing uplift
  • Vapor – Minimizes overhead vapor

Standard System Offerings

Joule offers the following standard Condensate Stabilizer Systems for quick delivery:

  • 2,000 BBL/D
  • 5,000 BBL/D
  • 10,000 BBL/D
  • 20,000 BBL/D

Joule utilizes an 80/20 standardization design philosophy. Based on years of experience, many projects, and hundreds of simulations, we have developed on-skid modules for each design case that are now 80% of the standard. The remaining 20% allows us to customize up to 20% of the design based on each client’s economic drivers, such as instrumentation, column size and exchanger sizing. The 80/20 approach provides “standard” price and delivery, yet custom fit for each application.

** Custom designed systems available for unique and larger applications.